Five Ways to Get More Value from PR

03/29/2022 - Matt Mehus

When executed well, public relations can help companies build brand awareness, reach new audiences and respond in times of crisis. But all too often, after a campaign has ended, companies move on leaving value on the table. If you’re taking time to develop and execute a full PR strategy, make sure you’re getting the full benefit of those programs. Here are five ways your company can get more value from PR.

PR your PR
I had a manager once that told me “You’re doing all this great stuff with PR, but nobody is seeing it. You need to PR our PR.” You work hard for those earned media placements and you should celebrate them. Just like you use PR to amplify your voice to your external audiences, make sure your internal audiences see and recognize that success. Not only will this build PR credibility within the organization, it brings additional minds to the table to identify stories and ideas for future PR campaigns.

Increase Reach
Expanding on the first point, do your employees know about your most recent culture award? What about the great feature on your CEO? Sharing these wins internally not only helps employees feel more connected to what is going on in the company, but increases the probability that they will share these wins within their own networks, furthering your company’s reach and visibility and helping you attract new talent.

With so many companies now producing and creating their own content (videos, articles, events,etc.), PR teams have more resources at their fingertips than ever before. Maybe your company posted a blog that got lots of attention. Just because your followers saw the content doesn’t mean it’s dead. In fact, it may give you the validation you need to sell the story to a much broader audience. Use those data points (“What our most shared blog ever says about XYZ”) to pitch the story to specific regional, industry or national publications.

Sales, Sales, Sales
While talking with a sales manager at a former client, we quickly realized the sales team wasn’t aware of all the great content and collateral (case studies and white papers, articles about company solutions, etc.) the PR team was creating and placing. We quickly developed a simple process (a regularly updated shared drive) to give the sales teams access to an abundance of content they could share with prospects and leads. The impact was almost immediate, increasing the number of qualified leads moving through the funnel.

Build Community
PR teams love telling stories, especially stories with positive impact. Over the last two years, many companies have made changes to help their employees weather the pandemic. But you don’t need to wait until disaster strikes to highlight the good your company is doing. Whether through regular community service or rallying around an employee in need, PR can amplify these stories growing your reputation in the community.